Efficiency Upgrades & Controls

Save energy and money with energy efficient air conditioning solutions from the experts at Correct Temp. With over 35 years of experience we can help your Dallas, Frisco, Plano area home enjoy the benefits of energy efficient temperature control.

With so many choices on the market, it’s important to know what the key factors to consider are when purchasing a new air conditioner.  Energy efficiency and finances are probably playing a major role in your decision, which is why you need to know about SEER.  A more energy efficient system can save you money on your energy bills and SEER can help you understand that potential savings.

At Correct Temp we’ll show you the latest air conditioning systems to ensure you get the best energy efficiency and potential savings possible. With system zoning, we give you control over that. By outfitting your ducting with dampers and wiring multiple thermostats into your HVAC system you can monitor and control the temperature on a room by room basis. With a dedicated thermostat, a specific room may need cooling and the dampers will then route the cold air through your ducts into that room only. This is truly “smart” climate control.


Enjoy greater control, energy efficiency and save money by splitting your air conditioning system in to zones within your home. This will allow you to only cool rooms in use rather than wasting money air conditioning the whole house.


Experts recommend a digital programmable thermostat as being an easy energy efficiency solution, potentially saving money while providing greater control. Simply set your preferred temperature and when that level is reached, your system will switch off and only turn on again to maintain the set temperature.


We can visit your home to perform a home energy audit which evaluates your current energy usage so we can then provide expert advice and suggestions on how you can make improvements so you can start saving money.


To start making better energy efficiency choices that will save you money on your air conditioning in the Frisco area, call and speak with the energy efficiency experts at Correct Temp today.

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