Dallas A/C Repair

The first thing that comes to mind whenever one thinks of Dallas is its hot and muggy weather, and the next logical thought is about air conditioning.  Unfortunately, an often overlooked but important part of staying comfortable in the Texas heat is proper air conditioner maintenance.

Air Conditioner Maintenance, Why It’s Important?

Apart from an air conditioner keeping your North Texas home or office cool, it also serves as a valuable tool in improving your standard of living as anyone would be quick to agree to the fact that it is quite relaxing and better to live or work in a Plano home or office that is air conditioned as opposed to working in a naturally ventilated building.

For your air conditioning unit to serve you best, just like you would expect it to, constant and regular maintenance from a qualified Dallas ac maintenance company such as Correct Temp will have to be carried out. This is the case with all other electrical equipment or appliances, in order to prolong the life span of the AC unit.

Regular maintenance of your  AC unit will go a long way in avoiding the disappointment and frustration that usually comes when you turn on your air conditioner on a hot day only for it not to work as you would expect it to. If you are experiencing this though, Be sure to call Correct Temp!

Dallas Air Conditioning Maintenance FAQs:

Below are some of the frequently asked questions that are usually put forward by most people regarding Dallas air conditioner maintenance.

Q: How often should I clean the filter in the air grill of my air conditioning unit?

The work of the filter in the air grille of your ac is to filter air that is coming back to your air conditioning unit and for you to be able to clean the filter, you will have to open the grille and slide the filter out, but it can also be easily cleaned while it is still in place. It is recommended that you either vacuum the filter or use warm soapy water to clean the filter.

This should be done every 3 months or whenever it produces an unfamiliar noise which is a telltale sign that it needs cleaning. Also, different filters require different maintenance procedures hence the need to strictly adhere to manufacturer’s instructions. To avoid mishaps, it is always advisable to call a reputable air conditioning maintenance company in Plano like Correct Temp services which are available 24/7.

Q: Is there a special way to clean the coils of my AC unit?

There is no “special” way to clean the coils of your air conditioner but all you need to do is to scrub them gently, vacuum them and then carefully clean them with a small brush or a tooth brush. In order for you to remove grease that may be on the surface of the coil, spraying or applying methylated spirit will do the job just fine.

Remember that the coils of your AC unit are quite sensitive, and if you don’t know what you are doing, you will most probably damage your unit thus the need to involve experts to perform coil cleaning for you. Correct Temp is just a phone call away.

Q: I have a warranty-why would I need to pay for maintenance?

Keep in mind that almost all of the warranties that are given to AC units are usually valid if and only if your air conditioning unit is maintained on a regular basis by a reputable air conditioning maintenance company such as Correct Temp; we are experts in a wide range of AC services which range from installation, to the day to day repair and maintenance of AC units.

Q: I’m tired of replacing my fuse which keeps blowing on my AC- is there a reason why this keeps happening?

One of the most likely reasons is that you compressor needs to be checked or maybe you replaced your fuse with one that is of a lower rating. If you are not a qualified electrician, please contact Correct Temp for a speedy solution to your problem.

Q: Do the motors in the AC unit need maintenance?

This will depend on the type of motor that your AC unit has since most of the motors on the blowers of modern Dallas air conditioning units are sealed and self lubricating while the ones for the older units need constant refilling and oil replacement. Refilling is usually carried out on a yearly basis and it helps in ensuring that the motors turn more easily with minimal wear and tear.

Q: If I am to buy a new air conditioner for my  office or home-How long should I expect it to last?

If you only use qualified technicians, like the ones from Correct who are available 24/7, to perform regular services and maintenance on your air conditioning unit, then your air conditioner should last from 12 to 15 years.

Q: How can I get replacement parts for my unit?

Correct Temp has experts who are on stand-by to help you with obtaining replacement parts for your unit.

Q: Someone told me that air conditioning units spread bacteria and viruses-is it true?

Just like you or any other person or a ventilation system would spread air borne bacteria and viruses, so would an AC system, but this usually occurs in air conditioning units that are poorly maintained, designed and or at the same time have the relative humidity reduced to very low levels.

There you have it, some of the questions and answers regarding your Dallas air conditioning maintenance answered and also some of the reasons why you need to only work with qualified personnel from a reputable air conditioning maintenance company in Frisco such as Correct Temp to work on your air conditioning unit.

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Frozen AC Repair

7 Steps To Avoid HVAC Repair

Blower cleaning is essential to maintain the working and longevity of the appliance as well as the blower itself. Blowers are used for all kinds of furnaces, air conditioners, leaf vacuums, tractors, refrigerators, optical cleaning blowers and many more. The main purpose of the blower is “cleaning”. It can either remove dust, snow, leaves, soot or even remove fingerprints and oil tan in the case of lenses without leaving any scratch to the lens. Dust is the cruel opposition to your appliance. You require a regular blower cleaning if using a furnace or air conditioner; otherwise, the accumulated dust will lead your appliance to a high-level repair and a drastically low-level efficiency. Not only that, if the dust particles go on piling up on the blower, you may experience harmful consequences like, motor failure, fire risk, or polluting atmosphere by aggravating allergies.

As discussed earlier, the main function of blower is cleaning. With the passage of time, the blower itself needs a service for efficient working of the appliance. The specially designed air blowers can dissemble for cleaning the fans and regular ac maintenance. Take the following steps with care;

Before you do any blower cleaning, cut the power to your unit in order to prevent any accidental electric shock.

While dissembling the blower, observe deeply how it was assembled and carefully remove the bolts from the outer cover of the blower.  Vacuum away the dust visible on the blower fan.

The hard dust requires a proper cleaning solution that is made up of a half cup of bleach with one gallon of warm water. Wipe the dust from each fan blade by using the cleaning solution. For cracked dust, a soft brush will do the job. Any kind of spoiling mold will go away with the fast action of bleach.

For cleaning the outer parts of the blower, use a lint-free piece of cloth and properly wipe away all the dust. Also, clean the useable filters and replace the disposable ones.

When you are sure that fans are dried completely remaining no moisture at all, reassemble it back.

Fix all the screws and bolts of air blower properly to avoid any excess noise or vibration.

Blower cleaning is easy, which you can try even by yourself before starting the winter in case of your furnace or before summer at times when you need to excessively run your air conditioner.

Although filters absorb a huge amount of dust, even then a long usage demands proper service and cleaning of your blower. Call a specialist if you find any issue with the motor of the blower.

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