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Air Conditioner on the fritz? Don’t sweat it, Correct Temp can be there before your broken unit turns into a crisis. Whether it is a coolant leak or one of the system components has worn out, we can get it fixed and get you cool.  For most people, when your AC unit is working properly, you pay it no mind. In fact, you may even find the noise it makes to be a tad annoying, especially if you’re watching television, or trying to put the kids to sleep.  However, when that same unit goes out, you’ll miss that dull hum that lets you know that cool air is just seconds away.

That’s where our Correct Temp Air Conditioning Experts come into the picture. All we provide is air conditioning repair you can trust, not only from 9-5, but from 5-9 as well. And we aren’t just talking about the summer months either! You can be just as uncomfortable if you need Texas heating repair during the brief, but cold winter months!

Even if your air conditioner hasn’t suffered an inconvenient failure at an inopportune time, you still may need to call us. Think those “Seasonal” allergies are only a product of the weather? While that may be the case, many times if you are waking up with a sore throat or itchy eyes, you most likely could use some quality air duct cleaning. All kinds of mold, allergens, and other biological particles can be constantly recirculated for months and months without proper duct cleaning. Even worse, without quality dryer vent cleaning, you could be risking a devastating home fire. Lint likes to accumulate in your dryer ducts, and can easily catch fire, causing an extreme amount of damage before you can get a handle on it.

Have questions about proper AC maintenance? We have set up a very convenient and informative FAQ that may answer many of your questions. Ever wondered the proper interval between air filter changes? How about how a potential repair can affect your AC unit’s warranty? Learn more about proper air conditioning maintenance by visiting our Maintenance page now!

Great Air Conditioning Service for you

We are proud to serve all of North Texas’ air conditioning repair needs. Residents in Plano are not unique in the problems that they encounter. If you are experiencing a lack of quality air conditioner repair in your area, just click on the city closest to your location for more information about how Correct Temp can help you with your local air conditioning services

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