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Unfortunately mechanical things sometimes break.  Don’t worry, Correct Temp Heating & Air can get to your home or business before the heat turns into a bonafide crisis.  Just like your car’s transmission, when it is working properly, you do not think about your AC unit. Sometimes, on a quiet night, the hum of the motor and fan may be a bit too loud and almost annoying.

But… when it fails to work properly,  you definitely miss hearing that slightly annoying noise of a working AC.  That is when you call us.  What Correct Temp provides is air conditioning repair McKinney residents can count on, every hour of every day.  Rain or shine. We also understand that HVAC problems happen in the winter, too.  Texas does get cold and a furnace not working is just as dire of a situation if not worse. Please call.  We can help.

You probably take your car in the shop for regular oil changes and tire rotations.  Preventative maintenance of your AC unit is just as critical to the health and welfare of your and family. Do you think those “Seasonal” allergies are simply a function of the weather and pollen?  Sometimes it is simply pollen of sorts, but other times when you wake up with a scratchy throat or red, watery eyes your home is likely in quality air duct cleaning. All kinds of dead skin, dust, hair particles, allergens, bacteria and other biological particles are constantly recirculated, breathed in, eaten and injected for months on end.  This is actually pretty gross.  Even more dreadful,  without dryer vent cleaning, you are at an increased risk of a severe home fire.

We understand you likely have questions regarding proper preventative maintenance procedures and best practices. Are all filters the same?  Are the more expensive ones necessary?   What happens when I do not charge the filter often enough?  How do Correct Temp’s services affect my AC unit’s warranty? Learn more about the best McKinney air conditioning maintenance going to our AC maintenance page.

Life Happens

We understand units fail at the most inopportune times.  AC replacements are costly.  We pride ourselves in not only  addressing Air Conditioning repair needs, but also providing consultation and advice on the proper replacement unit if a repair just does not make sense. Just like the rest of Texas, residents of McKinney are hard on their home AC units.  We are rough on our units too (believe me, mine never gets turned off). If you are concerned about your air conditioning not keeping up with the Texas heat, call our number and a local Correct Temp technician can help you with your local air conditioning service needs!

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