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Need A/C repair?  Don’t get too hot about it.  Correct Temp can be there before your air conditioning repair turns into a crisis. During Allen’s hottest months (April to October?), you probably run your AC unit almost non-stop.   With this constant use, it leads to a higher probability of breaking.  Regular maintenance at the beginning of the season can help to identify any potential problems before it is too late.

Often time the problem we see is something that could have been noticed earlier such as low refrigerant, or an oil issue or another issue associated with necessary fluids. Additionally, the AC units condenser coil could become frozen (we have a picture of this on the site) or just like your automobile, a belt may become loose or worn (dry rot happens as well). The bottom line to you, unfortunately, is that you are hot and sweaty and life is generally miserable.

The good news is at Correct Temp we are here for you.  Not just from 9 to 5 or even 12 hours day.  Our team is ready and able to respond to calls 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  We provide  air conditioning repair that DFW residents can trust.  We also understand that Dallas does get cold and we provide the same level of service for furnace repair.

Dust, lint, dead skin particles, hair, and you name it is constantly floating through the air in our homes. Dust causes or at least exacerbates a variety of conditions- from the ‘seasonal allergies’ to asthma and even eczema.  The moms out there were mostly right when they said dusting is necessary.  Sore throats, itchy eyes can be caused by constantly recirculating the same air filled with nasty stuff like mold, a variety of allergens and bacteria.  This is why duct cleaning is necessary for good health.  The amount of dusting goes down and the quality of life in your home goes up.   Even things like not changing a filter to buying the wrong filter will cause stress on your HVAC system, your furnace fan and even your home’s air quality.

Since we believe HVAC system maintenance is critical to your health, safety and comfort, we have set up an easy to understand and informative FAQ to address many of your questions.  Just like changing g the oil on your car, your HVAC system requires regular preventative maintenance to avoid catastrophic failure and costly repairs or AC unit replacements. How often should I change filters?  Does the rating of the filter matter (answer – yes and in fact some of the more expensive ones sometimes can harm your motor if your system is not rated for it)? How does Correct Team’s repair impact your warranty? Learn more about proper air conditioning maintenance by visiting the AC Maintenance page.  Seriously.  Pay and maintain now so you aren’t paying a lot more later.

We will take care of you!

We proudly  serve all of North Texas’ air conditioning repair needs. From AC repair to AC replacement to regular furnace maintenance, we are your one stop shop for everything HVAC.  With over 35 years in the industry, Correct Temp has the combination of experience, expertise and customer service to SERVE you.  The great people of Allen are not unique in the in the HVAC issues you encounter. If you are experiencing a lack of quality air conditioner repair in your area, just click on the city closest Correct Temp location to your home or business for more information about how we can help you with your local air conditioning service needs!

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